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Coworking in Padova is just like this: the future of working.

A way to work which requires sharing a place for people or firms without any link among them. While having everyday activities, our clients can share new experiences, enriching not only professional, but also personal values. You can develop important synergies.

GMZ Service has believed in coworking  in Padova and in network operating since before these terms were vogue words, using this reality in its work.

Here by us you can have a desk, an open space and private offices for meetings with clients and colleagues. Besides there are PCs, portable devices and office equipments at your own disposal.


At GMZ Service we suggest an all-inclusive solution:

  • a full-equipped area: desk and designed furniture
  • high-speed internet flat
  • heating and air conditioning
  • receiving correspondence
  • alarm and surveillance
  • relax and waiting rooms
  • meeting room

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