GMZ Service – Ufficio all inclusive Padova

In un mondo in cui si inizia a chiacchierare molto di Coworking Padova e dove il Business Center Padova rappresenta una somma di servizi a costi sempre variabili ed indefinibili, ecco allora che si fa strada la volontà di uno spazio esclusivo per il professionista o l’azienda, ma che abbia un basso costo offrendo un pacchetto Ufficio all inclusive Padova.

Business Center Padova


GMZ Service was born in 2015 from the partners’ single needs to have a place where to perform their own activities.  According to the innumerable expenses and commitments a start-up or the single  professional who wants his/her own office have to meet, the idea of sharing a multifunctional business center seems the easiest, efficient and cheapest solution for any requirement. In a world where more and more we hear talking about Coworking and where the Business Center represents a sum of services at variable and indefinable costs, here is the need for an exclusive place for the professional or the firm, but at a low cost with an ALL-INCLUSIVE offer.


So the first center will be opened, furnished with single offices, placed at 51, Navigazione Interna Street, in an area equipped with parking lots, reastaurants and all the primary services . The strategical position, near the tollgate of “Padova Est”, guarantees the easiest access and simplifies the clients’ movements.

A few months after the opening of the first center, considering the innumerable requests, GMZ decides to expand inaugurating the second center, furnished with double position offices. This is to guarantee all the clients the possibility to choose the most suitable solution for their requiremets and in case of expansion to satisfy new structural necessities.

GMZ Service intends to supply what is necessary to all the firms, the single professional, the start-ups a place where to perform their own activities in complete autonomy and privacy; an innovative structure, furnished and always developing, the highest flexibility in relationships and requirements; a sure, affordable, including all services price; a reality where with little one can reach a lot!