GMZ Service is attentive to the changes in the national working landscape and beyond. In constant search of the pursuit of innovation, it is proposed as a reference point in Padua for companies and workers who are starting to enter the world of Smart Working.

In the beginning it was work from home. Today, it is agile working, or Smart Working.

A very topical topic for employees and companies, the concept of agile working can be easily defined. This is a particular way of carrying out the employment relationship which, in order to facilitate a balanced reconciliation of work and private life – for the worker – and to reduce costs – for companies -, allows the employee to perform part of the duties assigned outside the company premises.

Although, at present, there is a lack of reference legislation, Smart Working is arousing the interest of an ever-increasing number of professionals.

According to estimates, in fact, in just one year the number of companies that have decided to test the new system has risen significantly.

Flexibility, greater productivity and reconciliation between working life and private life are the strengths of the new institute. As explained by the text of the bill that tends to regulate the new measures in the field of self-employment, agile work must be understood as a flexible way of executing the employment relationship in order to increase productivity, competitiveness and facilitate the reconciliation of employees. times of life and work.

If the new model of work organization intrigues you and you are looking for new spaces in which to establish your business, come and visit us. GMZ Service Business Center Padova will help YOU, company or employee, to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Smart Working is the future and with us you can start being part of it right away!